"No teller embodies the animals with the same fierce aliveness as Susan!"
Dr. Linda Sussman, Author

    Susan Strauss - storyteller, visiting children's author, natural history storyteller, keynote speaker, creator of The Passionate Fact Interpretive Training Workshop(TM), environmental educator, natural history interpreter, and eurythmist gives storytelling performances and storytelling training workshops for interpretation conferences, natural history conferences, environmental education conferences, fine art museum docents, botanical gardens conferences and science educator conferences.

Susan Strauss is a children's author and natural history author. Susan Strauss has produced multi-cultural storytelling recordings and CD's of children's stories, natural history storytelling and mythology - specializing in natural history mythology, natural archetypes, folklore, oral histories, personal anecdotes and interpretive storytelling in such themes as Native American Coyote Tales, wolf mythology and folklore, bear mythology, Book of Nature stories, bird mythology, water mythology, trees and plant mythology, landscape and sense of place stories - as well as fool stories, hero myths and feminine and masculine archetype myths.

    Recognized as one of the finest storytellers in the country today, she frequently gives workshops and performances for
museums, the National Park and Forest Service, aquariums and zoological conferences, TAG, reading and literacy conferences and school visiting authors assemblies throughout the U.S. and Europe, including:


* Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland
* National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
* Smithsonian's Discovery Theatre, Wash. D.C.

* National Geographic Society, Washington D.C.
* Columbia University, New York City
* The Oregon Symphony, Portland, Oregon
* 2nd and 3rd World Congresses on Heritage Preservation, England and Hawaii
* Special exhibits of Robert Bateman and Karl Bodmer paintings at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum
* The International Congress of Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia
* Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California

Susan is an associate professor at the Stephen Austin State University, and serves as affiliate faculty at University of Idaho. Her material is generated from extensive research in linguistic, anthropological, and biological texts.

She is the author of Coyote Stories For Children, Wolf Stories, When Woman Becomes the Sea, The Passionate Fact: Storytelling in Natural History and Cultural Interpretation, and award-winning audio recordings.

Birds of Fortune, Blessing Stories from the Book of Nature
Wolf Stories, World Myths and True Life Tales*
Coyote Stories, Tales from North America
* companion CD to book titles available

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